Private Sessions

As an ‘Erotic Mentor’, my role is
to accompany and to encourage you
on a journey home… to reveal
the person you really are.

Private Sessions

As an ‘Erotic Mentor’, my role is to accompany and to encourage you on a journey home… to reveal the person you really are.

Classic Tantra massages

One way touch

Sacred Intimate Sessions

Two ways touch

Erotic Playground

Two ways touch

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

I guide you intimately through sensual, sexual and erotic experiences in a consensual, safe and clean atmosphere.

I actively contribute to your experience and help you in your personal development and process of change and evolution.

The session starts with the presentation of Mindful Sexuality’s tools, to calm the mind and to be fully present in the body:

• Mindful breathing
• Vibratory vocalisation
• Verbal expression of feelings
• Verbal expression of emotions
• Room left to the body to evolve as it pleases

I use Pleasure as a tool for transformation, so it is essential that you allow yourself access to your own Pleasure.
Ask for what you really need to immerse yourself in the erotic trance.

Then we define the framework of the session and the limits of each – setting up mutual agreement about limits.
The boundaries can be revised up or down throughout the session.
When penetration is practised (with protection), on either side, it is preferable that this is done in a Tantric way, without rubbing nor ejaculation, so as not to fall back into the stereotypes of usual frictional sex.

It is essential that you allow yourself to express your desires and shadows freely, even if at that moment, as a practitioner, I am not able to fulfil your request.
Very often, the simple fact of allowing yourself to express a desire or a fantasy is already a huge step of liberation.

Once we have confirmed a date for a session, I will send you a questionnaire to find out a little more about you and your needs, expectations and desires.
Your answers will allow me to better prepare and define the most appropriate setting for your session.

Sessions last from 60’ to 150′
(This duration can be extended in 60′ increments)

• Analysis of the questionnaire for the Sacred Intimacy and Erotic Playground sessions
• Presentation of the tools of Mindful Sexuality to calm your mind and open your body expression.
• Establishing the framework and boundaries with mutual consent
• The intimate bodywork which is the longest and most intense part of the session
• A time of integration
• A shared shower
• A post session debriefing

  • A Taste of Tantra Massage
    Discovering the intimate erotic touch
  • Tantra Massage special Lingam healing
    The Tantra Massage ritual dedicated to the penis
  • Tantra Massage special Prostate healing
    A ritualistic approach of anal pleasure
  • Mutual Self Love Ritual
    Practising orgasmic yoga to become multi-orgasmic
  • Sacred Intimate Ritual
    Using Pleasure to access a higher state of consciousness
  • Sacred Intimate Trio Ritual (for couples)
    Sacred Intimacy in a trio setting
  • 2 – 4 – U : The bisexual experience
    with male AND Female practicioner
  • Erotic Playground
    An invitation to be creative, playful and sensual, soft BDSM

One-day Workshop

One-day Workshop

Intense programme that offers the opportunity to learn Tao Erotic Massage, Tantra Massage, anal pleasure discovery.

Our Private Workshops are rich in new information and learning through practice, transmission and rituals set up to activate, grow and amplify your Vital Energy.

This day aims to give you a fun and in-depth introduction to some of the skills and practices explored in Mindful Sexuality to access Contemporary Sexualities (Kink and BDSM) and Sacred Sexualities (Shamanism, Tantra, Tao).

The one-day Private Workshops begin and end like the individual sessions with the presentation and acquisition of techniques to calm the mind and open the emotional memories of the body. At the end of the day there is a long period of integration and verbal exchange to anchor the acquisitions and to form a new foundation for similar experiences in the future.

  • Two time 3-hour sessions
  • 2 hour break for lunch
  • Free time of rest and integration
  • Introduction to Tantra Massage
    Energy activation, sensual touch, lingam massage
  • Happy Ass
    Discovering anal pleasure, anal stretching, fisting, prostate massage, coccyx orgasm
  • Intensive Sacred Intimacy
    A sensual and intimate immersion
  • Personnel topic on demand
    Ask for what you would like to explore